Trading Desk

Agency is eligible to purchase targeted traffic in Programmatic ecosystem in two ways – through technical partners who have an access to Ad Exchanges or through their own buying platform – Trading Desk.

Nominal Technology developed its own Trading Desk simultaneously connected to several major DSPs which allows to purchase their inventory.

Advantages of using own Trading Desk are as follows:

  • No need to connect separately to each DSP that significantly saves time for personnel training to purchase traffic directly through DSP efficiently;

  • As we specialize in Programmatic Buying for years, we have huge experience in launching of advertising campaigns and media costs optimization;

  • Running advertising campaigns repeatedly for the same clients for a long period of time we accumulate bidding and other data which subsequently can be used to drive quality KPIs when rerunning;

  • Trading Desk also memorizes earlier accumulated data on certain segments, and when running an advertising campaign for a similar client look-alike modeling is applied and new target segments are searched;

  • Reporting is available in real time and on any stage of advertising campaign running providing a client with all the quality and quantity metrics.