Programmatic solution for online tour reservation system

Client: Travel agency with an online tour reservation system

Task: Increasing the number of early booking deals and repeat purchases


1. Audience target setting:

  • behavioral targeting: users who are searching for information about the best deals for tours
  • context targeting: travelling related context
  • demographic targeting: male and female users, aged 20 and over, middle income earners

2. Preparing retargeting lists composed of users:

  • who spent more than 3 minutes per session on the website
  • who viewed more than 3 pages per session
  • who put a tour into a cart but didn’t complete the booking process

3. Setting a retargeting campaign with static retargeting banners for users who spent more than 3 minutes on the website or viewed more than 3 pages.

4. Displaying dynamic ads for users who didn’t complete the booking – those users saw banners with the tour they were interested in while browsing the site.

5. Automatic programmatic strategic management and optimization throughout the advertising campaign period.

  • Conversion rate amounted to 5,8%
  • The number of users who returned to the reservation system and completed the booking increased by 2,1 times
  • ROI increased by 227%
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