Programmatic campaign for an online tour reservation system

  • Applying retargeting technology and dynamic ads helped to boost conversions by 48.9%


Our client is a modern travel agency merging affordable prices with the ease of online booking and personalized experiences. The client currently focuses on several directions. On the one hand, their team develops authentic, personalized vacation trips among sightseeing of different countries by request. On the other hand, the client offers general trips around different countries.

With a slightly different audience segment for their products, and a significant price point for one of the products, he needs a comprehensive strategy for attracting new clients and growing number of rebuying. So our main tasks were:
  • Increase the number of early booking deals;
  • increase the number of repurchases.

Ad Strategy

The client’s travel agency faced a multi-pronged challenge after the pandemic to promote its travel services, developing personalized trips by request and general trips around different countries. With the wide and slightly different audience and significant price points, we should focus on a comprehensive strategy to attract users in a fired competition environment.

Initially, we activated data from NT DMP to create customized audience segments to run the high-impact ad campaign across different channels. Using banner, video and native ads we step by step moving potential consumers forward the sales funnel. Lead generation forms made the process of sending requests for trips easier. While KPIs (ad impressions, clicks, conversion rate, etc.) were reporting about increasing the ad campaign performance, these weren’t enough to demonstrate how our team could boost conversions. Setting up retargeting across different devices for users from the retargeting list, helped us improve the performance even more. We used this tool for users who didn’t complete the booking aimed at reaching them again and boosting conversions. So they saw banners with the tour they were interested in while browsing a site.

By removing segments with low level of conversions, reducing audience overlap, and using manual and Bid Factors optimization, the ad campaign ran with considerable efficiency and saw a significant growth in conversions. As a result, ROI reached 214.8%.


Through the high-impact ad campaign, we achieved the client’s goals. Automatic programmatic strategic management and optimization during the ad campaign improved performance of all channels.
2.9 times
increased the number of early booking deals
2.1 times
increased the number of users who returned to the reservation system and completed the booking
return of investments
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