Programmatic course

​Introduction to Programmatic buying

about the course

Programmatic advertising is a modern way to buy advertising online and optimize your digital campaigns automatically.

Learn how programmatic advertising can transform your marketing and improve your advertising campaigns in our course, “Programmatic Buying” by NT Academy.

  • To understand how programmatic advertising & RTB works
  • To explore the programmatic trading ecosystem
  • How data can be gathered and what types of data are used in programmatic advertising
  • How to choose strategies for different types of campaigns based on the main KPI
  • To understand the peculiarities of the pricing models of programmatic advertising
  • What kind of media advertising channels and format are used in programmatic advertising 
  • How to analyze and evaluate the results of programmatic ad campaigns
Who this course is for

NT Academy courses are not only for marketers and advertising professionals. Our courses are for anyone who plans, manages, buys, or sells digital media and wants to further their knowledge of programmatic advertising buying.


Programmatic Elementary

What is programmatic advertising? Benefits & key terms.

5 major players in the advertising ecosystem.

Data is the key to a successful marketing campaign.

Pricing models CPC, CPM, CPMV & performance indicators CTR, video viewership

Advertising space & publishers what is this? Advertising channels and formats.

Programmatic Intermediate

The right ad creativity for programmatic placement. Nonstandard approaches and creative ideas.

How to use a programmatic toolkit depending on the stage of the purchase funnel.

Types of conversions and ad interactions: last-click, assisted, and post-view conversions.

Traffic quality problems: viewability, brand safety, invalid traffic. External audit systems.

Video ads: opportunities, formats, position in the conversion funnel.

Principle of work. Ad formats. The advantages of dynamic remarketing.

Overview formats and targeting options.

The main benefits of native ads. Formats & technical capabilities.