Our company

NT is a meta-DSP that aggregates the world’s best online advertising solutions and enables marketers and advertising agencies to engage consumers across Display, Mobile, Video, Social and Search. We can power your success with unique data for precise targeting, a wide range of advertising formats, cross-device synchronization and fraud detection solutions. Through our experience over the years and advertising technologies powered by deep learning algorithms, we help agencies and brands achieve their performance and branding goals across all paid digital media and attract the right audience, with the right message at the right time.


10 years of experience in programmatic buying

140 digital experts

5000+ satisfied clients

11.8 Billion ad impressions served monthly

15000+ ad campaigns launched

130+ SSP partners & 20+ DMP partners



Analysts calculated all the preliminary data on the advertising campaign, the results impressed me. Everything is transparent and fair. High quality work.


Customer Service is great. Ability to micro-target target audience with a good conversion is a gift for anyone launching a new product.


They're highly responsive and always provide good feedback, no matter the questions we ask. The price they gave us was more than suitable for the services they provide.

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