Who We Are

NT Technology is a team of digital experts passionate about innovative adtech-solutions. We work to help brands solve their business challenges and to deliver outcomes that matter for our clients with programmatic advertising. We are driven by people and inspired by technology for doing exciting work, thinking outside the box every day, learning and developing, creating and improving advertising and the whole digital ad world.

What Do We Offer?

At NT Technology, people are at the heart of us. Whether you’re starting your career or working for several years, we commit to support and inspire each member of our team on their professional development journeys. Because, when we accept others as they are, there’s no limit to opportunities for our teammates and us. With us you will find:

1. Different tasks for both junior and experienced workers;

2. Programmatic training. At NT Academy you will be able to learn more about programmatic technology and digital world that will help you build your career efficiently;

3. Competitive pay. The level of your salary depends on your skills and KPIs you’ve achieved. Modern and Comfortable office with AirMac, coffee machines, and cookies;

4. Opportunity to work from anywhere and achieve your career goals;

5. Amazing team, team buildings and corporate parties. Great guidance that focuses on results and providing equal opportunities for all instead of bureaucracy and total control.

At NT Technology, everyone can do what he or she likes and grows. The path from system administrator to a tech director is a real case.


Middle Account Manager

I came to NT as a student, and have been working as an account manager for almost two years now. Pros: -can be comfortably combined with studies (if part-time or distant) -full training, providing all information, guides, lessons, answers to 1001 questions; -briliant young team; - the prospect of career growth; - decent salary and motivational buns; - team building, Friday gatherings, pleasant atmosphere in the office; - there is an option to work remotely if necessary. Of the minuses: -Communication between departments is not fully established.

Web Analyst

I've been working at NT for almost 3 years. I’m satisfied with every year of working in the company, because I’ve never met such an approach to all exciting issues. I started my career without work experience, but I’ve been growing and developing with every day in the company. NT has its own education academy that helps everyone learn more about programmatic technology and improve skills. Team leads keep an individual approach to employees, tasks, and communication. A fabulous, young team is a huge benefit of the company. NT has excellent management of office life, equipment is issued, there is always food for a snack, a PlayStation😁 . During this time, I have been developing and getting better with the company with great pleasure. It is important to understand that the team lead is open for conversation: even in a situation where something doesn’t suit you, you will find an individual solution.Cons: paying tax every year on an individual basis (you quickly get used to it), you need to work in multitasking mode and stress tolerance (such an area), and you should also have a good level of soft skills.

Middle Account Manager

I have been working as an account manager at NT for almost 2 years. It's nice to work in the company of progressive, smart and positive people. I’m improving my skills during the work, and there are all opportunities to grow further at the company. The skill of multitasking and time planning has also developed. The work is interesting with a good salary and an excellent team. Also, you can find good communication between employees and adequate management in the company. If you want to work, develop and earn in digital, all this you will find at NT Technology!)

Account Director and Director of Partnerships & Development

I joined the NT team in my 5th year of university and started my career journey as a Junior account manager. There was a match: I was taught by a team of real professionals and wonderful people, so I quickly integrated into client projects and fell in love with digital with all my heart. After 7 years, this love led me to the position of Account Director and to building my dream team. I often say, NT is not a place, but people who make even the most difficult working day filled with meaning. Happy employees = happy customers.

Head of Marketing Department

I’ve been working at NT Technology for 5 years. It’s a dream job for people who want to start a career in digital. NT is good for getting a great professional experience. I appreciate NT for freedom, support of the initiative and interesting tasks. You can easily upgrade current skills and acquire new ones in the process. The company is constantly growing and developing - and you along with it. Career growth with due aspiration 10/10. If you love what you do and are sincerely interested in the result and progress, your efforts will always return to you triple: in personal growth, in moving up the career ladder and in increasing salary (:

Junior Account Manager

One of the most important parts of any work is to enjoy the process of what you do. I found all I adore at NT: great team, brilliant corporate culture, an opportunity of growth and of course a quality product. I like to set ambitious goals and achieve them together with my colleagues and clients.

Middle Data Analytic

I’ve been working as a Data Analytic at NT Technology for almost a year. I think NT Technology is a great company to start your career. I learned more about digital marketing, improved my tech skills and knowledge at the company. There are a brilliant team and people with whom you can have good working hours as well as free time. Also, the chief is loyal and adequate so you can solve any issues. NT provides a lot of benefits including free snacks, coffee, fruits and even discounts from partners (online education, cafe and bars, gym and so on). It’s important to notice that the company supports and helps develop and improve your skills in different ways. I strongly recommend NT Technology for both junior and senior specialists.

Senior Account Manager

I’ve been working as an account-manager at NT Technology for 4 years. I can find these pros: good salary, great percentage of the deal, friendly and cool team, awards for different achievements and holidays. Also, there are several cons such as a long sales cycle so it needs to wait some time before the first successful deal, and only programmatic education so you need to learn about digital marketing by yourself.


Аccount and development manager
What you will do
  • Seek out prospects and develop relationships with them (calls, communicating on social media and email, conducting online meetings, communicating with your built-up base, etc.).
  • With the help of our Data Analysts, prepare presentations with our vision for solving customer problems.
  • Educate customers about NT Technology values and how we can be of service to them.
  • Conclude deals and oversee the launch of advertising campaigns in collaboration with advertising specialists.
What will help you in this
  • Experience in communication and building partnership.
  • Experience in B2B sales will be an advantage.
  • An understanding of digital and brand marketing will be an advantage.
  • Ability and desire to work independently and set ambitious goals.
What We Offer
  • Product training in the field of online advertising.
  • Comfortable workplace with Apple IMac and PlayStation in office.
  • Corporate loyalty card.
  • Team buildings and parties with games, shows, gifts, and it’s on us.
  • Tea, coffee, cookies, fresh fruit and other snacks.
We are looking for an account and development manager to join our team!
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