NT Demand-side platform

Drive strong marketing results with the innovative platform that becomes your window into a highly efficient advertising world — through the precise targeting and meaningful interactions with a target audience.

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We launch high-impact ad campaigns for all industries and deliver marketing results that matter to them — increase awareness, maximize return on ad investment and LTV, etc.

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Advanced Targeting for your Growth

With our demand-side platform it easy to target, engage and convert target audience — it uses machine learning algorithms and rich data to find the best users for campaign among crowds. Precise targeting options will help you reach audiences everywhere and hit KPIs.

Advanced Targeting









Keyword & Topic

Stay ahead from competitors with engaging ad creatives

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ads. That’s why our
team develops custom interactive ads to fuel your ad campaign.

Animated Banner

Ad creative contains a series of images that loop to create the illusion of movement that is eye-catching and efficient.


An interactive banner with a game — users click on banner elements, and pictures change.

3D Banner

Eye-catching ad creative with a volume 3D effect.

Expandable Banner

Attract users due two parts of ad creative — initial and expanded. Creatives expand when a user interacts with them and occupy the entire screen.

Interactive Scratch-Banner

This ad creative allows users to scratch the highlighted field off the banner and get a promo code.

Interactive Video-Banner

The main feature of the ad creative is its spectacularity — the ad consists of a static image and video that starts playing in the user’s sightline.

Coloring Banner Ads

The ad appears in black and white coloring and users are invited to interact with the ad by coloring the image.

Cube Ads

Сube ads allow advertisers to showcase up to 4 images on its 4 sides. A cube can spin automatically or by swiping, engaging users to interact with one of the ad messages.

Playable Ads

Interactive ad creative that allows users to play short demos of your game that help get high-quality app installs.

DSP Helps You Grow
and Succeed

Harness the real power of your ad campaign with NT’ solutions

Data-Based Advertising

Use first-party data, expand it by data from NT DMP and our partners to create custom audience segments, precise targeting and to get strong halo effect from campaigns.

Uncovered Audience Insights

Understand your audience better to improve ad strategy with pre-ad research and deep analytics.

Omnichannel & Omniformat

Access your target audience with various of ad formats and across all channels you need to succeed from Display, Video, CTV, Native, DOOH to Social, Mobile, Search and so on.

Custom Creative Solutions

Drive better outcomes with dynamic and unique ads developed especially for your business needs.

Brand Safety

Protect your brand from negative environment with rigorous technology solutions.

Real-Time Optimization

Achieve powerful performance and efficient ad budget distribution wit AI-optimization across KPIs.

AI-based solution for advertising

We use artificial intelligence algorithms and rich data that combined in one fully self-improving platform to provide exponential growth and value for our clients. Across channels, across screens, and across an ever-evolving AdTech ecosystem, our machine learning technology helps identify the best performing blend of media options to help make informed decisions around channel-mix and budgetary allocation.

NT’s programmatic advantagesertising technology built 100% on deep learning is playing a leading role in helping brands reach audiences and optimize ad campaigns more effectively. Because your results matter for us.

All you need to succeed
in the one place

NT DSP is here to connect you and your audience in the digital world. We provide the advantage advertising tools, technology and expertise necessary for brands and agencies to focus on what matters most: growing their business.


Run meaningful conversations with target audience wherever they are across all digital channels. Measure cross-channel impact in one place.

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Use a programmatic capabilities and solutions are designed to make your ad campaigns work harder for getting strong results.

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