Programmatic campaign for a pub

  • A social media channel touchpoint generated a 67.8% uplift in-pub visitors for a pub chain


Our client was a chain of pubs. The client historically used paid search and banner advertising for promoting his business. However, he was interested in how programmatic social ads could influence the performance of an ad campaign.

They wanted to use the power of programmatic advertising to reach potential customers and increase in-store visitors. So the main objectives of the ad campaign were:
  • drive in-pub visitors;
  • increase conversions.

Ad Strategy

The first piece of the puzzle was accurately determining the client’s target audience. As the target audience is pretty wide, we segmented the target audience with NT DMP data. It helped us to get more strict and personalized segments for the ad campaign which included:

– middle-class employees that live or work nearby and could visit the pub;

– partiers that attend a lot of parties and events, they like socializing and drinking;

– beer lovers that could be interested in the production of the pub brewery.

Once custom audience segments were formed and targeting was established, we launched a high-impact social media campaign that focused on mobile devices more. For better performance, we were sticking to a geo-fencing strategy with a small radius (about 1 mile) to attract an audience within the pub’s walking distance. Moreover, our team increased frequently within the geo-fencing radius at peak visiting hours to boost visitors as well as conversions.

As the client and our team were seeing positive effects at the beginning of the campaign, we decided to expand our media plan and budget to include display advertising on the web with retargeting to the client’s social network. Adding this channel drove a 13.8% lift in conversion rate.

Through this high-impact social and geo-fencing campaign, we achieved the client’s goal. By accurately targeting, both manual and automatic optimization, and removing segments with low levels of conversions, we got greater efficiency with a significant increase in conversions and visitors to the pub.


By discovering the right audience and mix of channels, we were effectively interacting with the client’s target audience. The geo-fencing strategy helped us bring the client’s messages at the right moment and place resonating even better than we expected.
uplift for in-pub visitors
increase in sales
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