Programmatic campaign for sport club

  • How we helped a Sports Club chain attract new members and outperformed sales of subscriptions by 32.8%


Like many other sports chains, our client had difficulties with attracting customers due the COVID-19 restrictions. After removing restrictions, the client wanted to generate engagement around their gyms for sports users who enjoy sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They wanted to launch a programmatic ad campaign to:
  • increase the number of new gym members;
  • increase daily time visits;
  • decrease CPL.

Ad Strategy

We took a three-pronged approach to achieve the client’s goal:

1. Geo. During the ad campaign, our team was sticking to a geo-fencing strategy. We accurately targeted users who live or work close to the club.

2. Full sales funnel strategy. The first piece of the puzzle was to engage and attract users in different decision-making stages. Targeting users at different stages of the sales funnel with different ad formats, we started the multi-channel approach. Utilizing native and social ads, we offered the best program for those who were interested in a healthy lifestyle. It helped us capture the audience’s attention and increase engagement. Search ads with restrictions on the specific areas of the city as well as lead forms were used to get conversions.

To re-engage old customers who’d gone off the radar, we used first-party data to send them banners with a special offer from our client.

3. Cross-device synchronization. We moved across users’ devices seamlessly to deliver the client’s message to users at the right moment on the right devices.

Additionally, our team set up remarketing to increase the efficiency of the performance-strategy. The algorithm is shown ads for users with special offers for the exact membership program the user indicated interested in. It has helped us to increase efficiency by 18.3%. Moreover, our team was constantly working on decreasing CPL during the campaign.

Thus, we completed the client’s task. The campaign outperformed sales of subscriptions for new members by 32.8% with CPL decreasing by 6.8%.


In the span of one month, the ad campaign achieved good results. The analytics proved that our full sales funnel strategy was efficient in attracting new members and selling subscriptions.
3.7 times
increase in sales subscriptions for new members
increase in daily time visits
decrease in CPL
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