Dynamic Creative for a 5-star hotel

Client: 5-star hotel

Task: Developing a customer base and forming a positive consumers’ attitude towards the hotel


1. Defining the target audience and allocating relevant segments to make the campaign more personalized for each audience group:

  • technologically savvy business travelers and their secretaries or assistants – they have a lot of business trips and make a considerable number of bookings (accommodation, flights)
  • users aged 35 and over with the high level of income belonging to upper social class with higher education
  • users that pursue a luxury lifestyle, travel in business class and interested in high-end recreation and products

2. Utilizing Facebook to promote image ads with personalized content aimed at emphasizing the advantages of the hotel for each target audience segment.

3. Cross-device synchronization of the campaign to reach the target customer not minding the device he uses.

4. Setting up dynamic retargeting.

5. Real-time optimization throughout the entire advertising campaign period.


  • Brand inquiry number increased by 3.56 times compared to the data received before the advertising campaign
  • Online bookings number has a record for the advertising campaign period by more than 154% compared to the previous period

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