A unique programmatic social strategy for the pub

Client: Pub with own brewery

Task: Increasing the pub recognition and attracting local visitors


1. Segmenting target audience with NT DMP data:

  • middle-class employees that live or work nearby and could visit the pub
  • partiers that attend a lot of parties and events, they like socializing and drinking
  • beer lovers that could be interested in the production of the pub brewery

2. Display advertis with a banner that offers a special discount for those who will tell promo-code while making an order.

3. Using geo-fencing with a small radius (about 1 mile) in order to attract an audience within the pub walking distance.

4. Displaying ads on mobile devices more frequently within geo-fencing radius at peak visiting time.

5. Launching a campaign advert on social media with carousel ads displaying promoted sets including beer and snacks.


  • The visit to the pub during the campaign increased by 4,42 times compared to the previous period, which exceeded the customer’s expectations by 2,4 times
  • The sales during the campaign increased by 21,8%

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