Effective audience targetings for New Balance

Client: New Balance dealer

Task: Attracting visitors to the dealer’s new online store


1. Allocating target audience for the campaign: male and female users aged 20 and over, sports enthusiasts, upper-middle-class segment.

2. Starting display campaign advert with a coupon that gives a $10 discount.

3. Dynamic retargeting setting for users who didn’t complete the purchase.

4. Social media retargeting for users who viewed more than 3 product cards.

5. Online analytics of synthetic indicators and instant correction of the strategy according to the current results. The final metrics analytics of the site.

  • Display advertising CTR amounted to 0,42%
  • The average session duration increased by 138,7% and amounted to 4:56 minutes
  • The bounce rate amounted to 41,8%
  • The rate of viewing the site amounted to 5,23 pages
  • The number of new visitors increased by 129,8%
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