Advertisement based on children’s online retail products

Client: Online retailer for children’s goods

Task: Increasing the sum of average order made using the website


1. Allocating the most relevant target audience segments while using two types of audience targeting:

  • Socio-demographic targeting:
    female and male users aged between 24-40, with family and children
    users aged 50+ who have grandchildren
  • Behavioural targeting: 
    focusing on users who are browsing websites in order to find a present for children or parents of newborn children

2. Using search ads with the most relevant keywords and descriptions to attract users who have warm and keen interest in children’s goods.

3. Creating retargeting lists consisting of users who:

  • viewed more than 3 product pages but did not take any action to buy or to make an order
  • added any product to the shopping cart but abandoned it without making any purchase

4. Launching dynamic retargeting campaign with special limited offer for those users who abandoned the site or a shopping cart. Creating a colorful template for dynamic ads.

5. Displaying native ads in the news feeds of popular social media. Promoting a post offering a discount on presents, targeting users who are searching for a present for a child.

  • Sales amount increased by 2,7 times compared to the previous period
  • The repeat purchases number increased by 157,48% compared to the previous month
  • The average order sum increased by 1,85 times compared to the previous period
  • The engagement rate increased by 1,37 times compared to the previous month
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