Programmatic in Kuwait

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February 3, 2021 / Author: Christina Gaydova

Kuwait has a rich background of the diversity of the population, cultures, and ethnic characteristics, which generates demand for diversified advertising, marketing, entertainment, and media. As in other countries, the number of people using social media daily is increasing; the programmatic advertising method is a good way of reaching a wider audience compared to traditional ways of advertising. 


Kuwait is one of the most demanded markets of the Gulf region. According to statistics, there were 4.20 million social media and internet users in Kuwait in January 2020. That’s why Kuwait is an extremely lucrative market for those interested in marketing in the Middle East.  Although MENA now is an underperforming market, in the coming years, it will achieve an increase. Moreover, Kuwait’s profit lies in the cost: the US average CPC average is between $1 and $2 on the Search network, Kuwait is below average with 64%.


Reach: 5.24 million cookies

Impressions: 1.17 billion


Kuwait has some of the highest social media usage rates in the world, and the reason is a relatively conservative culture in the region and the desire of the younger generation to open up the world. Social media helps people to find new ways of living and communication. The number of social media users in Kuwait increased by 155 thousand (+3.8%) between April 2019 and January 2020. In February 2020, in Kuwait, 64.1% of Internet users had mobile phones, 33.9% of them had a desktop or laptop, 1.9% owned a tablet, and 0.2% had other devices.

Facebook is considered the most used social media platform in Kuwait, with a total of 2.70 million monthly active users. Twitter takes second place with a total of 2.11 million monthly active users. Instagram is ranked as the third most used social media platform by Internet users in Kuwait, with a rate of 1.90 million monthly active users. Snapchat is also listed as a used social media platform in Kuwait with a total of 1.85 million monthly active users, and there were 680.0 LinkedIn users in Kuwait in February 2020, which accounted for 15.7% of its entire population.

It’s not a surprise that YouTube usage rates are the highest in the countries of the GCC, and Kuwait is not an exception. YouTube is extremely popular in the country, especially with the advent of new types of Arabic content like some of the popular standup comedy shows in the Middle East. Available platforms for display advertising are Google, social media like Facebook and YouTube, which can also be cost-effective with low CPVs and higher likelihood.


Top Websites Ranking,,,,,,,,,,,,

Most popular region-specific sites:


Kuwait Ecommerce:, Namshi, MarkaVip,,,,

Best Kuwait Ad Networks:
Ad Networks with Kuwait inventory typically offer pricing models of CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL on channels such as Desktop Display, Mobile Display, Social, Native.

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  • MBS Info Solution


Kuwaitis speak not only Arabic but also the Gulf Dialect of Arabic. The most popular language for websites is the Modern Standard form of Arabic, so they can be read by Arabic speakers across the Middle East and around the world. If the aim is to attract a larger Gulf audience, newer websites are starting to write and make video content using more Gulf dialect-specific vocabulary.

Some well-educated Kuwaitis speak and read English as well, but their preference is usually for Arabic content. Having a well written Arabic website is the key to success online in Kuwait.