Programmatic in Indonesia

The digital advertising market in Indonesia is continuing to grow rapidly. In terms of programmatic advertising, a steadily-expanding category in adtech, the Indonesian market also performed extremely well and growth is in line with global trends.


Hailed by advertisers for its potential to streamline the process of ad buying, programmatic advertising is set to dominate the Southeast Asian digital advertising sector. Thanks to its effectiveness, efficiency and control it lends to marketers, Indonesia has witnessed substantial growth in programmatic spending in recent years – a trend which is projected to continue into the near future.

According to PubMatic, 2020

This would make Indonesia the fastest-growing programmatic ads market in 2020 along with India and Brazil.


Reach: 183.51 million cookies
Impressions: 17.64 billion


In the APAC region, Indonesia is one of the leading countries when it comes to mobile programmatic. Thanks to heavy mobile investment in Southeast Asia, advertisers are looking for more efficient ways to achieve their marketing goals. The advertisers named mobile display as the format that they intend to purchase most frequently via programmatic buying in 2020.

One more driver of programmatic ads development in Indonesia is video ads. Indonesia should expect  programmatic video ads spending  to almost double this year, making it the fastest-growing market for video formats in the world.


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Top SSPs used in Indonesia:

  • Аppnexus
  • InMobi
  • OpenX
  • PubMatic
  • Rubicon Project
  • IronSource
  • AdColony
  • Unity Ads
  • AdLabs


  • According to InMobi, 9 out of 10 brand marketers possess only basic working knowledge of programmatic buying. Despite that, 93% of these advertisers aim to conduct their programmatic media buying in-house. 
  • Lack of education and awareness around programmatic advertising processes is the single biggest barrier for programmatic adoption in Indonesia.
  • With the heavy smartphone adoption in Indonesia, Programmatic buying has enabled brands and agencies to increase their efficiency in mobile advertising, as well as gain better control on their campaigns and reporting.