Programmatic in Canada

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September 8, 2020 / Author: Vera Finaeva

Canada has one of the most advanced digital markets in the world. Today programmatic buying still dominates in the Canadian digital ads market. Moreover, Canada, only second in the world to the USA, has embraced programmatic the most.


The Canadian digital advertising market is always on the fast track and programmatic is not an exception. It is predicted that in the near future Canada may spend nearly 99% of digital media programmatically.

According to statistics, in 2019 programmatic digital display ad spend was $3.02 billion and formed 86% of the entire digital ad expenditure. By the end of 2020, programmatic spend is going to increase by 17% and reach $3.54 billion. By the end of 2021 it is expected that programmatic ad spend will amount to $4.05 billion, and its share in digital advertising is going to be 89%. 

According to eMarketer Report, 2019


Reach: 68.44 million

Impressions: 32.71 billion


In Canada, mobile and video advertising formats are holding strong. Nowadays 70% of digital spend is generated by mobile advertising. Moreover, mobile phones contribute to the highest share in the programmatic ad. 

With the expansion of social networks and other online stream services videos have shown the steady growth over the past years. Canadian digital market has witnessed a more than six-fold increase in video ads since 2015. In 2020, video is predicted to overcome other traditional digital display spend for the first time. It is estimated that 72% of digital ad video will be bought programmatically by the end of 2020. 

According to eMarketer analysis, video advertising is more prevalent on mobile devices due to great consumption of social networks. In 2020 mobile video ad spend will amount to $1.47 billion, and will grow by 8.5% in the next year. It is predicted that mobile video will make up to 89.6% of the entire digital video advertising in 2020.


Top Websites Ranking:,,,,,,,,,

Top SSPs used in Canada:

  • Atedra
  • Hivestack
  • Index Exchange
  • M32 Connect
  • Teads
  • Triton Digital
  • Verizon Media
  • ZEFR

Top DSPs used in Canada:

  • AcuityAds
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Curate Mobile
  • Chameleon Digital Media
  • Google Display & Video 360
  • Quantcast
  • Verizon Media

Top Ad Exchanges in Canada:

  • Triton Digital
  • Verizon Media
  • Hivestack
  • Index Exchange
  • Digital Audio Exchange
  • Amazon Publisher Services

Top Publishers in Canada:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Snapchat
  • News Minute Network
  • Postmedia
  • Alliance
  • YouTube


In the Brand Safety Barometer Report, IAB Canada has found that in 2019 more than 50% of the advertisers that participated in the survey were not familiar with the available brand safety tools.