What is Meta-DSP and what are its advantages

Programmatic Solution
November 7, 2019 / Author: Veroniсa Lihnis

Today, marketers often get lost when trying to find the best solution for an advertising campaign, even when using a Programmatic Ecosystem map as a guide. As new, highly-specialized platforms appear in the field every year, it becomes even more complex. To simplify this network, people started creating Meta-DSPs.

Recently, the digital advertising market started to notice a new trend of combining various DSPs into one system. So, Meta-DSP is an aggregation of many DSPs. They bring many different DSPs together and give marketers access to outstanding solutions from a single entry point. They can also provide customers with greater audience reach, unique customer data, and insights.

The main advantage of Meta-DSPs is their multi-functionality. No two DSPs are the same, each of them has unique capabilities and functionality. For example, DSP 1 has geo-fencing technology, which allows you to select a zone on the map and target customers who appear there. DSP 2 specializes in mobile advertising, and DSP 3 has a large coverage area in the CIS region. Depending on the aim of your advertising campaign, you can turn to different DSPs and use their advantages separately. However, for more complex solutions, you need a platform that incorporates outstanding programmatic technologies. This is where Meta-DSPs are useful.

The aggregator also gives you access to a much larger amount of audience data and advertising inventory. Highly-specialized companies can use these to come together and create a powerful tool that is capable of any task.

Meta-DSP is a universal solution to handle any request. To achieve the goal of your advertising campaign, you can choose the most suitable combinations. For example, you can use several DSPs at once for large-scale advertising activities, which aim to reach new audience. At the same time, only one DSP can be used with remarketing so that your two bids from different platforms don’t compete with each other at the RTB auction.


Meta-DSPs are a relatively new phenomenon in the digital marketing arena, but they have already won the favor of marketers all around the world. They help achieve the best results in a cost-efficient way while unifying the strengths of the strongest platforms.