Effectiveness of advertising on TikTok

October 14, 2021 / Author: Elizaweta Zhuk

TikTok is full of stereotypes. The most banal and widespread is about TikTok’s audience. For example, TikTok is a social media app used only by children and teenagers. So, brands shouldn’t use TikTok for advertising because ad campaigns won’t bring any conversion. It will be a total failure. But is this true? Let’s break down that myth and examine why advertising on TikTok can succeed.


  • Audience
  • Competition
  • Ads format

Indeed, it is only a tiny part, but one of the most important. And all of these points we can find on TikTok. According to what we told you in the last article, TikTok’s audience is very active and involved. The presentation of TikTok confirms that expression. According to the survey of TikTok:

  • 42% of users say they’re on TikTok to discover new things and brands.
  • 67% believe that the platform gives them ideas about new brands and products.
  • 57% have been inspired to purchase something they saw on TikTok.
  • 83% say that TikTok played a role in their purchase decision.


One of the secrets of such involvement is hidden in five words ― the effect of full immersion. We can’t convey everything with pictures or text. Fullscreen video allows, shows, reveals, and exposes the value of the brand for clients. So if a person sees an advertisement and understands why he should click/buy/browse by ad, then the efficiency of the advertising campaign will increase.

TikTok hasn’t got a lot of ads. Most of the brands haven’t used the app for ad campaigns yet. Competition between different brands is weak too. The audience extends as well as deficiency of new content. So an organic approach is increasingly seen on TikTok in comparison to other social media sites now.

The unobvious bonus of TikTok is organic content. The effect of “blind as a mole’s eyes” isn’t about TikTok. Users perceive ads as native content of the platform and have a better reaction to the advertisement.

Brands can choose an ad’s format depending on the purposes of campaigns on TikTok. For example, our task is to make better brand awareness. TikTok offers a hashtag challenge ad format for that purpose. It is a one-of-a-kind engagement format that users immerse themselves into the content of the brand and its products.


Let’s give a real ad campaign as an example. NYX is a cosmetic brand from Los Angeles. Its Butter Gloss product line has become a cult favorite among the beauty community. NYX wants to expand that product line and graduate it to a mainstream beauty must-have. The brand collaborated with TikTok to reach a new, massive audience and raise awareness with the Hashtag Challenge. NYX with TikTok created hashtag #ButterGlossPop with energy and a catchy song, especially for the challenge. According to the rule, TikTokers should apply on their lips Butter Gloss to the music and flare. The TikTok community quickly jumped in on the fun, but they could also simply click through to an integrated shopping experience.

#ButterGlossPop of the NYX was viewed more than 11 billion times. TikTokers created two million videos for the challenge. The Butter Gloss product was introduced to a large and creative new audience. So NYX decided to carry out Brand Lift. The result was grand. Brand awareness and ad recall rose over 42% and 79% accordingly.


TikTok introduced new and unusual ad formats, for example, the Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effects. Also, you can find well-known ad formats such as video, native, and banner ads ― Brand Takeover, In-feed ads, and Top View. Creativity is a secret for successful ad campaigns independently of ad formats in TikTok. Users want to relax and have fun with short videos in the app, so ads should suit these requirements.

We’ll speak more about ad formats in the following article.


A magic wand for successful ads doesn’t exist. Every advertising campaign is hard labor, which includes a lot of points, for example, media strategy. That labor leads to a better commission for professionals.

If you want to promote your brand in TikTok, contact us, and we’ll help make effective ad campaigns for you.