Platform Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

Platform Privacy Policy 

We explain how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information through our digital advertising technology platform (the “Platform”) in this Platform Privacy Policy. If you are interested in our website privacy policy, please click here. 


NT Technology offers what is known in the industry as a Demand Side Platform (“DSP” or “Platform”). We provide technologies that help our clients (advertisers and advertising agencies) launch digital advertising campaigns across many channels such as websites, apps, audio, SmartTV, etc., and display advertisements for users who might be interested in their products or services. The advertising campaign run by our clients pays for the content you enjoy. 

We and our clients may grab and use data to make sure that ads displayed are relevant for you as well as measure and report on efficiency of ad campaigns. 

Our platform is able to use data to determine devices that might be used by the same user or by users among the same household. This technology helps us provide better and precise targeting options for our clients, and to limit the frequency of showing advertisements for the same user or users. 

Our links to our Platform in this privacy policy only refer to NT Technology’s own advertising technology platform and system and do not include the technology or systems of the clients or partners that may use or integrate with us. We require them to follow our Platform Privacy Policy when they use our Platform. 


You can read an overview of our practices in the table below. Also, you can find more information below the table. 

Who we are and how to contact us NT Technology,
What we doAdvertising technology platform for launching and managing digital advertising campaigns
What information do we collect and use? unique cookie and device identifiersmobile device advertising identifiersIP addressesweb browsing history from advertising impressions we seeinterest information inferred by us from web browsing historyinterest information stored and/or used on the Platform by clients and partnerslocation informationbrowser and device type, version and settingshashed email addresses and other identifying information (or information derived from such)
How do we collect data?The Platform uses cookies, beacons, pixels, tags, mobile SDKs, and other non-cookie technologies to collect and store Platform Data about web browsers and devices across web sites and apps and over time. Additionally, our publisher and advertiser clients, as well as data providers, provide us with Platform Data to support advertising transactions.
Why do we collect and use data?The Platform processes data both on our behalf and on behalf of clients and partners for advertising objectives, including: 
personalizing adsdisplaying adslimiting frequency of showing ads for you measuring effectiveness of ad campaignsreporting on ad campaignsmaintaining ad transaction recordsattributing purchases or other actions to adsassociating devices that might be related to each otherad fraud protection and preventing invalid activity
Sharing and transferWe may share data with other parties such as:
clients and partners to help improve the effectiveness of their, and their clients’ advertisingservice providers who perform certain services on our behalfif we think it is required by law
How long is information retained? Platform Data is usually aggregated or deleted within 3-60 days but may be retained in the Platform for up to 18 months from the date of collection before aggregation or removing identifiers. 
How do we protect data?We maintain generally accepted security methods to protect data on the Platform.
What are your choices and rights?If you are living in certain jurisdictions, you may have specific rights and protections under particular laws regarding the collection, processing, and use of information about you. We describe the rights that may be available to you, and how you can exercise them in this Privacy Policy. 
We commit to respect and build trust among each other. No matter where you live, NT Technology provides several options for you so you will be able to choose how you want to interact with the platform, including: 
opt out of having the Platform used to select ads for your browser based on your online web browsing behavioropt out of the use of information about your usage of mobile apps for targeted advertising purposes, based on choices made available to you by those apps and your mobile deviceopt out of the collection of certain forms of location information, based on preferences available to you on your mobile device
California Privacy RightsIf you are resident of California resident you may have the following rights: ask for access to your personal information we collect and get additional details about our information practices by request;ask for correcting of any accuracies in your personal data stored by NT Technology;require to delete of your personal data;opt-out using your personal information to get personalized ads. 
European and UK’s consumers privacy rightsIf your location is the United Kingdom or EEA, you may have rights under UK and European privacy law such as:
require your personal data that we store about you and to get information about how we process it. request that we rectify or correct your personal information in the case it is inaccurate or incompletereach us and ask us to delete your personal datasend a request to us asking us to restrict processing of your personal information in some caseswithdraw your consent to us processing your personal information.refuse to receive marketing communication from NT Technology
Changing of this Privacy Policy We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. In this case we do not apply changes to data collected before the date the changes went into effect. 
Do you have any other questions? If you have questions related to this Platform Privacy Policy or want to learn more about that, please reach out to us by email

Full Privacy Policy

Below, you can find a detailed explanation of the type of data we collect, store and process, how we collect it, how we use it, and how we disclose it as well as opt-out choices available to you. If you have any questions after reading this Privacy Policy, please contact us by 

Introduction to the NT Technology Platform 

Our Platform provides opportunities for advertisers and advertising agencies to manage digital advertising campaigns. NT Technology’s Platform works as Demand Side Platform meaning that we connect buyers of ad inventory (“advertisers”) with sellers of ad inventory (“publishers”) to show the clients advertisements across various channels to users who might be interested in their products or services. Also, we provide additional opportunities for our clients such as to measure efficiency of ad campaigns, to prevent invalid traffic and bad activity, and other additional features.  

Our clients collect and use data on the Platform in different ways. They may bring their own data to the Platform, collect data via the Platform, or remove their data from the Platform. Our references to our Platform in this policy only refer to NT Technology’s own Platform and systems and do not include the technology or systems of clients or partners that use or integrate with us. They are bound by our policies when they use our Platform.

Our Platform uses data to make advertising more effective and more relevant for users who will see advertisements. 

What data does the Platform collect and process?

NT Technology’s Platform collects and processes data about users, devices, and ads and where they’re shown, including: 

  • unique cookie identifiers
  • mobile device advertising identifiers
  • IP addresses
  • interest information stored and/or used on the platform by clients and partners
  • other information about browsers and devices, such as type, version and settings
  • location information based on IP address or latitude/longitude coordinates, if provided to us
  • information about ads that are shown, such as which ads are shown to a device or user, where (which web page or app) they are shown, and at what time
  • hashed email addresses and other identifying information (or information derived from such)

How does the Platform collect user’s data?

The Platform may receive data in different ways, such as: 

  • Our clients may bring their own data collected to the Platform;
  • Bid requests. The Platforms get requests from SSPs and publishers, meaning websites, apps, and others, as well as their agents who sold their ad inventory. The requests contain information about the ad space, the device, and sometimes the user, including location information. They also usually have an ID that enables us to match the request with information we may already have.
  • Third-party suppliers of information used to target and optimize advertising campaigns (for example, by personalizing ads).
  • Pixels, cookies and other internet technologies, which allow us to recognize web browsers across sites and over time, and therefore to record information about them over time.
  • Mobile device IDs. They are usually provided by the device operating system (iOs or Android) to allow mobile apps and their ad partners to recognize devices over time and limit frequency of displaying ads for the same users and other reasons. We use these IDs in the way such as cookies.
  • Mobile SDKs are bits of code placed in mobile apps to send us information about the mobile app, device and mobile device ID.  
  • ​​Other companies. We may collect information from other companies such as analytics providers, advertising and marketing firms, third-party data providers, and other promotional and strategic partners.

How we use information we collect 

We and our clients use data through the Platform related to targeting, delivering, measuring and reporting on advertising campaigns. Below you can find deeper explanation: 

  • We may use data to personalize advertising meaning to increase its relevance and effectiveness; 
  • We may use data to technically deliver an ad and measure success of delivery;
  • We may use data to track the frequency of displaying an advertisement for users as well as where and when;
  • We use data to measure how well ads perform, such as whether users clicked on the ad or went to a client’s store after their ad campaign was shown.
  • We may use data to measure actions that users do for ads, for example clicks on ads, or a download of an app.  
  • We may use data to match particular ad views to subsequent actions taken by a user. For example, a real estate advertiser might be able to see that someone who saw an ad for a property four times, purchased that flat. This would be done by stitching together data collected from our Platform with the client’s own data and data from other companies. In this case, we don’t receive any data that allows us to directly identify the purchaser of the flat.
  • We may use data to associate devices that might be related to each other, such as devices used by the same person or in the same household.
  • We process information in an attempt to prevent malicious activity or invalid ad traffic.

Sharing and disclosing your information 

We may share and disclose your information with third parties in some cases. We do that only in the ways that are described in this policy, and include: 

  • Some of the data processed on the Platform belongs to our clients. When this is the case, our clients can take this data, such as records of advertising impressions, off of the Platform. We also may share this data with third parties on their behalf pursuant to their instructions.
  • We may share information with advertisers and third-party providers so that they can decide whether to bid on ad inventory or serve an advertisement and choose the best ad for you using their data and our and our partners’ technology.
  • Information that we share may be used to create and enhance audience segments or audience profiles to help our clients improve relevance of advertising and precise targeting options. 
  • Our clients and partners also can use this information to improve their product or services for use by us and others across the broader online advertising ecosystem. 
  • We may share data with service providers (including data centers, hosting providers, anti-fraud, technology and security providers) so that they can perform functions and provide services to us including for purposes of protecting the safety and security of the digital ecosystem, including to detect invalid traffic, fraud, and to prevent malicious traffic. In this case, we require Service Providers to keep confidences and security measures. 
  • We may disclose personal data in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.
  • We may also share aggregated data derived from the Platform, including, for example, statistics about Platform activity.

Security and data retention

We may retain the data we collected on our Platform for up to 18 months. After 18 months (often sooner) the data is de-identified or aggregated and stored for up to 3 additional years. For interests for groups, we retain data for 7 days. This retention policy does not apply to client or partner data.

We use some security measures, including physical, electronic and administrative safeguards, to prevent the unauthorized access to, loss, misuse, or alteration of the information that our Platform collects. We believe these measures are appropriate given the nature of the data and our systems, but we can’t make no assurances in this policy about our ability to prevent any such event or the possible harm to you or any third party that could arise from it.

Your rights 

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom or Switzerland, we may act as a “controller”, when we process your data from our behalf, as well as a “processor”, when we process your personal information on behalf of and instruction of our clients and partners, according to law in these areas. 

When we collect and process personal information, under the EU law, we normally rely on our legal basis for doing that. In some cases, we may process data for other purposes when we have legitimate interest in doing so and that interest is not outweighed by the rights of freedoms of individual data subjects. 

Additionally, EEA residents may have the following rights:

  • require your personal data that we store about you and to get information about how we process it. 
  • request that we rectify or correct your personal information in the case it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • reach us and ask us to delete your personal data
  • send a request to us asking us to restrict processing of your personal information in some cases
  • withdraw your consent to us processing your personal information.
  • refuse to receive marketing communication from NT Technology

If you are resident of California, we apply The California Consumer Privacy Act in order to collect, process, and disclose “personal information” collected from you. According to the law, personal information is defined as information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with California consumers or households.

 If you are resident of California resident you may have the following rights: 

  • ask for access to your personal information we collect and get additional details about our information practices by request;
  • ask for correcting of any accuracies in your personal data stored by NT Technology;
  • require to delete of your personal data;
  • opt-out using your personal information to get personalized ads. 

If you have any questions about your rights and choices or you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us by 

Your interest and opt-out choices of interest-based advertising 

For browsers. If you do not want to see personalized advertising on your browser, please visit the following websites. There you will be able to opt-out from customize advertising depending on your location: 

For mobile apps. You may opt-out of personalized advertising from NT Technology at any time. Mobile devices operation system provides mechanism that allows you to opt-out of the usage data about your usage of mobile apps to deliver targeted ads to your mobile device. To learn more and exercise the opt-out option for mobile, please, read your mobile instruction to find information about the mobile app opt-out. Also, you can learn more about that here 

Location data from your mobile device

You may opt-out of the determination of your location data and collection of this information on your mobile devices at any time. In order to do that, please, read your mobile instruction to find information about the opt-out of this option. 

For Connected TV

Connected TVs devices normally provide users the opportunity to opt-out of the use of information for advertising purposes. In order to learn more about such options of your connected TV device, please visit your device’s setting menu. NT Technology reads and applies industry opt-out signals for connected television. 

Changes of the Platform Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy at any time so check this page for updates please.Any changes won’t be applied to the information we collected before any changes went into effect.  


What is it?

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a user’s experience more efficient. When you visit any websites, you usually get notice about usage cookie files on a website and ask for your consent to allow a site to place cookies in your browser and on your device. We do the same. 

How we use cookies?

We may use cookies for:

  • recognizing you automatically when you return to a website or webpage;
  • adapting and improving of sites for your convenience; 
  • checking and preventing fraud and malicious activity;
  • storing information from a form on a website you may have voluntarily filled in;
  • measuring our audience that help us understand which improvement we need to do (in this case, we do that anonymously); 
  • providing users with features to share content published on our sites through social networking sites. Social networking cookies are managed by the publisher of the social network site (e.g., LinkedIn)

Types of cookie

  • Necessary cookies help make a site usable enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.
  • Preference cookies provide opportunities to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in.
  • Statistic cookies allow the website owners to understand how website visitors interact with a site. In this case, data grab and report anonymously. 
  • Marketing cookies are used to track website visitors for displaying ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third-party advertisers. 

How can you control cookies?

You can control your cookie opt-out choices at any time when you visit the site through the consent management notice. Also, if you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer or mobile device at all, you can adapt your browser settings. 

In order to learn more about cookies, tracking technology or how you can disable tracking technology or you have other questions, please reach us by 

Contact us

If you have any questions and concerns, you can contact us by email