What is Mobile ads?

What is it?

Mobile programmatic advertising is the automated buying of ad impressions (ad inventory) with specialized platforms. Advertisers can buy mobile web inventory that optimed for interacting with users on their smartphones and tablets.

Another opportunity of mobile programmatic ads — purchasing of in-app ad inventories that allow advertisers to interact with users of mobile apps. The ad will display directly in an app. 

Ad formats

Generally, there are all common ad formats in mobile ads but advertisers also might find some new ones. 

Ad formats for mobile web ad inventories: banners, videos (in- and out-stream), fullscreen, native ads, social. Also, advertisers can use these ad formats in in-app ads as well as additional custom ad creative such as interactive banners, interstitial ads, playable and rewarded ads. 

What goals can it help achieve?

Mobile advertising helps brands interact with users through entire customer journeys and stay closer to their customers. Considering that, it helps reach an enormous mobile audience to attract quality traffic to a site, increase outreach of ad campaigns, drive conversions and so on.

In-app advertising helps advertisers engage with high-intent users and drive app installs. Also, it helps reach users who are most likely to make in-app purchases and drive your profit. 

Targeting opportunities

Advertisers can use all common targeting options to interact with mobile audiences such as interest and behavioral targeting, operational system targeting, geo, demographic, special audience segment and so on. 

However, there are some differences in targeting options for in-app advertising. In this case you can target by content exclusions, topics, device (smartphones or tablets), app category and so on. 

Payment model

Advertisers can purchase mobile ads by CPC, CPM, CPI, CPO payment models. 


Accurately measuring performance of mobile and in-app ad campaigns and effectiveness can be a challenge to brands. If campaigns are not measured and attributed correctly, advertisers have no idea and can make a lot of mistakes from inefficient adjustments in ad campaign and ad strategies, misunderstanding target audience to waste ad budgets without any results.

That’s why in-app ad campaigns require specialized tracking tools and analytics systems  for mobile marketing. 


  • An opportunity to reach a wide audience.
  • Absence of ad blockers for in-app ads.
  • Boost user engagement.
  • In-app ads can be an alternative way of communication with the target audience for a cookieless future.