What is Display ads?

What is it?

Display ads are the most popular ad channels in the digital advertising world. This type of advertising appears on third-party websites, and combines image, text and URL that links to an advertiser’s website where users can learn more about or buy products. Choosing this ad channel, advertisers can use lots of ad formats such as banners, videos, interactive creatives and so on.

What goals can it help achieve?

This type of ads is the best choice for brands who want to increase brand awareness, tell target audiences about new products or services, drive user engagement, attract quality traffic to a site, increase conversion and so on.Generally, this ad channels can be used to achieve different goals due to opportunity to advertising through the sales funnel.

Payment model

Display advertising is often based on the CPC, CPM bidding method. Also, you can useCPL payment models. 


Advertisers can show their advertisements to target audiences based on various target options from interest targeting, behavioral, context, devices, geo and so on. 


  • Great outreach of ad campaigns. With a combination of programmatic and display ads, brands can reach their target audiences across the internet wherever they are. As it provides opportunities to advertise across different devices and ad formats, it becomes easier for brands to catch users’ attention, retain it and stay unforgeable. 
  • Increase ROI with retargeting. For performance ad campaigns aimed to get more conversions, retargeting users with display advertising can be a great way of attracting consumers back to a site and converting them effectively. 
  • Opportunity to stay creative. Last but not least, display channels allow brands to use interactive ad formats that grab more users attention, drive user engagement, CTR and overall ad campaign results.