What is CTV ads?

What is it? 

It is advertising on connected devices — an ecosystem of devices connected to the Internet: Smart TVs, game consoles, and Set-Top-Box (TV box). 

Ad formats

The main ad format on CTV is video, including in-stream, out-stream, pre-roll, mid-roll, and banners.

What goals can it help achieve?

  • Increase brand awareness and users interest
  • Drive users engagement
  • Tell wide audience about new brands products or services
  • Drive demand on brands’ products or services
  • Boost conversions 


Advertisers can reach their target audience with CTV ads using the following targeting options: demographic targeting, income, location, platform targeting, ACR targeting, behavioral, cross-devise and so on.

Payment model

CPM is a payment model for connected TV advertising.


  • Premium inventory. 
  • Opportunity to do deep data analysis.
  • Almost 100% visibility.
  • Rich targeting options