What is Audio ads?

What is it?

Audio ads is automatically purchasing of ads in audio content like podcasts, digital radio and music-streaming services. Audio advertisements are placed within digital audio content in order to reach consumers. 

Some services allow listeners to skip past ads. For example, if users are a paid Spotify subscriber and their podcast is interrupted by an ad, they can easily skip past it by fast-forwarding. However, listeners who don’t pay for a subscription or listen to traditional or online radio generally don’t have the option to skip ads. 

Ad formats

It is audio recording with or without a banner placed before, during, or after a session or episode. Typical ad lengths are 15, 30, or 60 seconds long. 

What goals can it help achieve?

When it comes to audio advertising, brands can increase awareness, drive users engagement and outreach of ad campaigns with help of this tool.

Payment model

The most often used payment model is CPM.