Types of targeting in programmatic ads

The greatest benefits as well as the greatest opportunities that programmatic provides for brands is wider targeting options. Based on the outcome an advertiser wants to achieve, they can classify their audience using the following options:

  • Contextual (keyword, in-language, topic, frequency capping, white or black-list and so on)
  • Demographic (age, education, gender, household income, language and so on)
  • Geographic (city, country, state, geo-fencing and so on)
  • B2B (company size, job title, industry)
  • Behavioral (purchase based, social engagement, keyword search, predictive, interest and son)
  • Look-alike
  • Retargeting (cross-device, dynamic)

Also, advertisers may use additional targeting opportunities such as CRM data targeting, Offline data targeting, Weather Triggered targeting, Day & Time and Operational System targeting and so on.