Programmatic, Brand Safety and Ad Fraud Protection

Brand reputation is really important for every advertiser. Programmatic helps to minimize the possibility that the ad will appear in an inappropriate context environment by using their own brand safety technologies, external audit systems like Campaign Manager, and creating black and white lists of inventory where advertiser’s ads may or may not be shown. 

Running ad campaigns with NT Technology, brands can be sure their ad won’t appear on websites that can screw up their reputation. We provide full control and transparency so brands can block any sites, placements or keywords. 

  • Verification. We can plug in any external pixels for results verification, so data is seamlessly delivered to any dashboard in use.  
  • Ad fraud protection and monitoring. Our system automatically monitors fraud activity in real-time to prevent any malignius activity. 
  • Brand Safety & Content. We provide unlimited black & white lists, keyword blacklists, placement targeting and more to protect the brand’s reputation.