Payment models in programmatic ad

The power of programmatic is affordability. The process of programmatic buying has made it significantly cheaper and efficient to advertise compared to direct ad-buying. Programmatic ads may sold on the following models:

СPC (Cost Per Click) – a pricing model that charges the advertiser every time a user clicks on the ad. Also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC). 

CPM / eCPM (Cost Per Mile / Effective Cost Per Mile) – a pricing model that charges the advertiser per mille or a thousand impressions. 

CPM(V) (Cost Per Mile (View)) – a price for 1000 video impressions.

CPV (Cost Per View) — a pricing model mainly for video advertising that charges advertising per the one view of a video advertisement. As a rule, a view is counted after a certain number of seconds. 

CPL (Cost Per Lead) a pricing model when you only pay for every qualified lead. Lead is a user who takes action to provide advertisers contact information that may be used as a sales lead.

CPI (Cost Per Install) — a pricing model suitable for mobile game and app developers. In this case, advertisers pay only for app installs. 

CPO (Cost per Orders) — a payment model when advertisers pay for actions (ex. purchase in-game items) in their apps. We can serve ads with that pricing model only in long term partnership.