Benefits of programmatic advertising

It is time to admit that Programmatic is a real evolution in the advertising world. The mechanism of work guarantees transparency and implementation of key tasks. Moreover, it’s beneficial for advertisers, publishers… and even users. Let’s look deeper on the benefits of programmatic advertising. 

Precise targeting

Advertisers no longer need to send their ads out to a broad audience and hope the right people see it. As programmatic always know where brands’ target audience is, they pay for the right audience instead of an ad place. Ads will follow a target audience around the internet: on Facebook, on YouTube, on Google and any sites that they will visit. Brand Safety will minimize the possibility of ads being run in an unsafe environment by creating black and white lists of inventory where advertiser’s ads may or may not be shown.

Real-time optimization & automatization of buying process

Programmatic allows brands to make adjustments to campaigns at any point, in real-time to increase their efficiency. Although programmatic ad buying automates much of the buying process, brands still have access to the purchase price of the ad, the platform it’s running on, the number of impressions, clicks, and other interactions. So you can optimize strategies and redistribute budgets at any stage of a campaign. Platform analyzes the campaign and, based on results, chooses an optimal bid by itself. All advertisers need to do is set bid limits, set audience segments and targetings, etc. 

Target to even specific audiences 

Programmatic ads have improved targeting capabilities. Through programmatic advertising, you can easily target the specific audience you want to reach using all target opportunities. Rather than trying to reach sports car fans on an auto site, brands have the opportunity to create an audience segment of sports car fans and reach them across hundreds of websites, wherever they happen to be online. Programmatic targeting is much wider and more versatile than classical digital tools. So it helps reach any specific user on any platform and at any time.  

Great reach 

For a short period of time with improved targeting capabilities, the technology analyzes a large amount of data to find target users and choose the most relevant ads for them. With access to ad inventory across billions of sites, programmatic opens up the opportunity to find and engage brand audiences wherever they are. So the programmatic reach of the audience is almost 100%.  

More data, insights & transparency 

When brands run ad campaigns with programmatic technology, advertisers know where to display their ads, who sees them, how long they are out there, how much it costs and much more. Moreover, it allows brands to get detailed reports and learn more about their audiences, even unexpected target users. When you know insights other than the amount of ad  impressions, you can design narrowed down and extremely efficient ad campaigns.

Stronger brand safety protection

With strict measures, smart algorithms and modern technology solutions, brand safety is paramount for programmatic advertising. So brands can be confident that they are targeting their audience in perfectly acceptable, brand-safe environments. 

Better ROI 

While a website page is loading, users’ attention is already being auctioned off. Everything is resolved in a matter of milliseconds. The ratio of CTR and conversion rate is growing, and with them, ROI. It takes significantly less time to reach a better audience, which inevitably leads to an increase in ROI.

High-quality ad inventory

As programmatic buying becomes more popular and more publishers commit to selling their free ad spaces through this technology, the quality of ad inventory becomes higher. So advertisers can purchase even premium ad inventory with lower prices with programmatic ads. 

No need intermediaries

No negotiations with publishers and advertising sellers about prices. Programmatic, thanks to ad exchanges, allows the advertiser to get unlimited access to a large amount of an ad inventory from all over the Internet. More than 3,000,000 sites around the world are available to display ads.