Programmatic buying for loyalty program of the supermarket chain

Client: Supermarket chain

Task: Involving users in the loyalty program


The target audience was divided into several categories:

  • People already involved in the loyalty program with a high level of engagement
  • People involved in the loyalty program, but with a low level of engagement
  • Users who are not involved in the loyalty program

New featured offers were shown to the first audience. For second and third groups interesting landing pages were created which successfully delivered information about the benefits of participation in the loyalty program. Due to the tools of NT, demonstrated offers always provides the customer with the products that could be potentially interesting for him. Information about the buyer was taken from his purchase history (provided by the client).

  • Increasing the number of new loyalty program members by 193,23%
  • Increasing user engagement in the loyalty program by 224,11%
  • Banners’ CTR that is offered on the basis of product categories purchase history amounted to 1,09%
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