Video advertising trends: all you need to know in 2020

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March 26, 2020 / Author: Marketing Team

With the advent of new platforms and formats, the possibilities of video marketing are expanding. While spending on traditional television advertising is declining, digital video market spending is increasing.

It is predicted that by 2023 the world’s population will approach 8 billion people. According to eMarketer, more than 39% of the world’s inhabitants will become consumers of digital video content. In 2019, this figure was 35%.


According to Statista, digital video advertising spending will amount to $37,970 million in 2020. According to predictions, the annual growth rate of spending in this segment will be about 4.3%. By 2023, the market volume will increase to $43,073 million.

Video advertising budget allocation (IAB):

  • Unique video content creation. In 2019, the amount of spending has increased by 31% and amounted to 9.3 million dollars.
  • Smart TV. Roughly 60% of advertisers are ready to increase advertising budgets employing this technology.
  • Most of the expenses are allocated to mobile and desktop advertising – amounting to almost ⅔ of the total advertising budget for video ads.
  • Programmatic video. Over the past few years, advertising budgets for programmatic video have increased by ≈4% per year. In 2020, this segment will account for 47.5% of the total advertising budget for digital advertising – $27,23 billion. (eMarketer)


Wyzowl’s research in the field of video marketing shows that digital video is one of the main trends of 2020.</span

  • Companies that utilize video advertising

From 2016 to 2020, the number of companies that use video content as a marketing tool increased from 61% to 85%.

Video advertising contributed to website traffic growth, increase in average session time, helped consumers to better understand the product, attracted potential customers and increased sales.

  • Audience view


  • Mobile video advertising and vertical video

About 61% of Internet users access it through mobile devices. About half of the time is spent on social networks and watching videos. It is expected that mobile video will become as popular as desktop videos.

For the convenience of users, more and more platforms are adapting their interface for vertical videos (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Tik Tok). The trend for vertical advertising videos will continue in the next few years.

  • Short videos

The shorter the video, the more willingly the users watch it. Therefore, a trend for short video ads is on the rise. The optimal length for an advertising video is reduced to 6-15 seconds. The struggle of advertisers for consumer attention is growing. In the future, most brands will exclude commercials that last more than 6 seconds.

  • Personalized video ads

Targeting will cease to be the only tool for personalized advertising. The interest in the technology of developing videos with a personal appeal to users is growing. Right now, brands use personalized videos to invite to events, to send out holiday greetings and thank you messages.

  • Interactive videos

Interactive videos involve interacting with the viewer. For this, additional elements are used: CTA, fill-out forms, links, polls, etc. The narrative of the video depends on the user’s actions. At the moment, interactive videos are mainly used for educational content. But it is expected that this format will also gain popularity among advertisers.

  • AR and panoramic video

The augmented reality technology has been discussed for a long time. Some companies already use AR/VR and panoramic videos in their marketing strategies: Microsoft, IBM, Honda, Ford, IKEA, Gucci, Adidas, and others. This way, consumers do not have to visit an outlet to inspect a product from all angles. With the development of this technology, the reach of such video ad formats will increase.

Programmatic video advertising helps increase reach, bring new products to the market, raise brand awareness and consumer interest in products. Invest in the future of your business – follow digital video trends with NT Technology.