Programmatic in Germany

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December 9, 2019 / Author: Polina Schastnaya

Germany is one of the strongest countries in advertising, and especially in programming. Programmatic purchasing is growing annually. The German market is characterized by the rapid development of various technologies and advertising is no exception. Data protection, transparency and trust will important  in the future of programmatic advertising. And the trend will be the expansion of third-party data and their effective processing.

A popular area that requires attention and time is the introduction of chat bots, personalization, voice control and artificial intelligence.


According to E-marketer analysis, programmatic advertising costs in 2019 will be approximately 1.8bn euros, and in 2017 amounted to 1.1bn euros. Almost 77% of all display advertising is carried out automatically by programmatic, while in 2017 the share of programmatic ads was 54%.This direction in Germany is gaining widespread popularity every year. User segments (target segments) are much more important now than they were before, since there was a lack of user data. The favorites in the launch of advertising programmatic is the automotive industry, followed by the financial and pharmacological industries.


Reach: 397.48 million cookies
Impressions: 516.01 billion


Display ads are very popular in Europe, and especially in Germany, where they use  in-banner video for a personalized, dynamic and creative mobile experience. On mobile, programmatic ads will grow at nearly double the rate of overall programmatic ad spending. As a result, mobile programmatic will claim 77.6% of total mobile display ad spending in 2019, equivalent to just over €1.1bn (US$1.3bn).

There is now clear evidence that mobile is the preferred leisure time (non-working time) display format, which means a trend to watch out for is display ad banners which are optimised for mobile devices.

Most popular formats:

  • Video formats
  • Personalization dynamic creative
  • Mobile formats


Programmatic Premium Publishers:

BurdaForward, Spiegel Media, NetPointMedia, Media Impact, Seven One Media, Heise Online, Wallstreet:online, A member of ad Alliance, Ad Audience.

List of most popular SSPs and DSP in Germany:


  • The favorite in the German market is Google
  • Adform
  • Active Agent
  • Mediamath
  • The Trade Desk
  • AppNexus
  • Yahoo
  • SmartClip
  • Rocketfuel
  • Quantcast
  • Metrigo
  • DataXu
  • Mediamath
  • DBM (Doubleclick Bid Manager)


  • Rubicon Project
  • DFP with AdX or AdX or AdSense
  • Pulsepoint
  • Criteo
  • Cadreon
  • Sociomantic
  • Publics Media
  • Pubmatic
  • Appnexus
  • YieldLab
  • Adform
  • AdTech
  • Smart
  • OpenX
  • SpotXchange
  • StickyADS

Programmatic advertising in Germany is gaining popularity among other advertising technologies. At the moment, the market is customer-oriented, so it is important to work towards achieving results-oriented goals and put the interests of the customer first. This is how the German programmatic ads works.