A cookieless era is coming: how advertisers can adapt
Due to users’ privacy concerns, Google announced that it will phase out third-party cookies by 2022. That’s why advertisers are searching for alternatives to continue audience tracking, targeting, and advertising efficiency measurements. We have prepared useful tips on how marketers can adapt to perform in a cookless future.
Digital Advertising Trends for 2021
Digital advertising is going through a transitional period, and all these changes will be relevant throughout this year and in the years to come. Here are the top 7 trends of 2021.
Mobile app analytics systems
Mobile analytics is the foundation of every successful app. Learn about the most popular analytics services and their benefits.
Programmatic in Switzerland
In recent years, the number of users Interent while in Switzerland is growing, it entails intensive development of digital marketing and programmatic as a new and advanced kind of digital media buying
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