Programmatic in Singapore
Singapore defines itself as a mature programmatic market. Over the past few years, programmatic has been a success in the digital advertising industry, and continues to expand even further. Moreover, Singapore is a hub of programmatic buying for most Southeast Asian countries.
Programmatic for Brands: how to take advantage of it?
Today, marketers start to reconsider the use of programmatic buying. Most of them find it a useful and effective way not only for direct responses but also for branding. In this article we will look at how to take the advantage of programmatic for brands.
Programmatic in Canada
Canada has one of the most advanced digital markets in the world. Today programmatic buying still dominates in the Canadian digital ads market. Moreover, Canada, only second in the world to the USA, has embraced programmatic the most.
Programmatic in Pakistan
Nowadays Pakistan has become a “digital-first” country. Despite programmatic buying being quite a new tool for the digital market in this country, it is considered to be the perfect method for breaking through digital advertising barriers.
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