Generation marketing
Choices, preferences, attitudes, lifestyles, values, and interests of people change as they transition from one generation to another. That’s why it’s important not to lose sight of the specificities of every generation.
All about contextual targeting
Advertising solutions in a cookieless world must have an even value exchange between the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer. And contextual targeting has it all. Let's see in our article what it is, how does it work and which stereotypes prevent marketers to use contextual targeting.
New-era TV: let’s talk about what are OTT&CTV and their advantages
It's time to say goodbye to cable TV. Let's talk about what CTV and OTT are, their differences, advantages over traditional TV, the opportunities, and why marketers should pay attention to them?
A cookieless era is coming: how advertisers can adapt
Due to users’ privacy concerns, Google announced that it will phase out third-party cookies by 2022. That’s why advertisers are searching for alternatives to continue audience tracking, targeting, and advertising efficiency measurements. We have prepared useful tips on how marketers can adapt to perform in a cookless future.
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