Holiday Shopping 2020: Is It a Good Year or Nightmare for Marketers?
This holiday season will be different. In this new reality, the main challenge facing all marketers is to understand how people make their holiday shopping. We prepared some tips that will help you with that.
Six Steps to Conduct Your Competitive Analysis
The first step to build your own marketing strategy is to analyze the performance of your competitors. With the help of our useful tips you will have a clear idea of how to conduct your competitive analysis effectively.
Programmatic in Qatar
Over the past few years digital advertising has been the major media category in Qatar. Its highest rate of Internet and social media penetration in the world will have an undeniable impact on the future programmatic market development.
Programmatic in the Philippines
Programmatic media buying starts to gain momentum in the Philippines. Experts predict that in the near future programmatic advertising will take a lead in the Philippine digital market.
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