Choosing the right social media to reach your target audience
Today social media is an inevitable part of advertising strategy. But before implementing it, marketers should understand where they can find their target audience. We prepared an overview of the most popular social platforms in the world and who advertisers can find there.
A cookieless era is coming: how advertisers can adapt
Due to users’ privacy concerns, Google announced that it will phase out third-party cookies by 2022. That’s why advertisers are searching for alternatives to continue audience tracking, targeting, and advertising efficiency measurements. We have prepared useful tips on how marketers can adapt to perform in a cookless future.
It is all about mobile app marketing. Part 1
As apps become more popular, there is a need to promote them. Mobile app marketing is an effective tool for making your app stand out among similar ones.
How not to get lost while measuring advertising effectiveness
Measurement is essential for every advertising campaign and is a key for optimization. If you don’t know what to measure, you don’t know how to make your advertising better and what to do next. Our tips will help you to understand what metrics to choose to evaluate your advertising campaign properly.
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