TV Sync

TV Sync allows for the synchronization of digital ads simultaneously with TV ads. This powerful tool triggers online banners or any other form of online advertising on all the devices used by a potential customer when TV commercials are on.

TV Syncing is a good opportunity for advertisers allowing them to:

  • reach the audience which multitasks during commercial breaks by surfing the Internet, checking their social accounts and mail, etc. (62% users do this!);
  • increase synergistic effect by synchronizing two powerful media channels – TV advertising and digital advertising;
  • build complex multi channel communications by using wide-target-audience creatives on TV and personalized creatives in digital;
  • conduct complex analysis on TV and the Internet.

TV Sync works according to the following scheme:

  • Monitoring, ads recognition and analysis are conducted;
  • Notifications of relevant broadcast TV commercials algorithms are developed;
  • Programmatic placement of online media through our own Trading Desk;
  • Optimization of advertising campaign based on TV ratings and users profiles;
  • Complex analysis of TV and digital channels is carried out.

Putting TV Sync into practice of advertising campaigns gives the following results:

  • Increase banners’ CTR on average by 43%;
  • Drives conversions (for e-commerce) on average by 32%;
  • Improves TV advertising performance (+14% Brand Lift).