NT Segments

NT Segments, developed by Nominal Technology, is an indispensable tool to use when working with target audience. It collects user information on the Internet and on its basis allocates separate segments according to criteria previously set. That tool is used to run context and RTB advertising campaigns and set retargeting when it is necessary to engage quality target traffic on the client’s website. As statistics show, conversion rates are higher in the online advertising in which NT Segments have been applied previously in comparison to that advertising campaign when audience segmentation has not been carried out preliminarily.

Stages of segmentation:

  • collection and processing of unstructured user information;
  • making collected data unified;
  • confrontation of data received with second-party data (results of previous audience researches);
  • integration of data received with third-party data (information from external sources, like DMP or party-exchangers);
  • analysis of data quality and data representation;
  • “packing” data in segments according to specifically developed algorithm;
  • data analysis, correlation identification, building of charts that reflect relations between different parameters;
  • finale preparation of data segments for usage and export.