Today, when searching for information on the web or making purchases online, 90% of users are constantly switching from a computer to a phone or perhaps even using a tablet in between. The ability to integrate advertising campaigns across all the devices of a certain user and effectively market the ad is of great value for advertisers. Cross-platform advertising allows you to fully integrate ads placement across devices.

We offer a complex solution to multi-platform advertising settings and launching, providing you with integrated analytics across all the digital channels. Based on the third-party data, our technologies allow to precisely identify all the gadgets owned by one person, estimate the target audience reach, set targeting parameters, and discover customers’ insights.

Within cross-device advertising any media formats are available for placement: graphic and text banners, video ads, dynamic creatives, native ads and others.

To achieve optimal KPI we apply the following strategies:

  • Cross-platform retargeting – a wide range of channels of influence on potential customers drives conversion significantly
  • Frequency capping – restricting the number of times a specific user is shown a certain creative and setting of the time interval between banners shown easily across all the devices
  • Geolocation – creatives are shown based on the users’ location
  • Consequent creatives run across the devices belonging to a certain user