Brand Lift

Brand Lift purpose is to estimate the efficiency of display channels. Its methodology consists in dividing the target audience into two groups and showing the creatives only to one of them. Then, both groups take part in a survey on determining the ad impact on the brand. The structure and content of the survey is fully submitted to advertising objectives and, hence, brand metrics chosen by the advertiser. Reports are provided during advertising campaign running and after it finishes. These reports contain the statistics of advertising messages impressions and the survey results within demographic criteria.

Currently the following Brand Lift metrics are available:

  • brand awareness;
  • ad recall;
  • brand loyalty;
  • brand interest.

Analysis of survey data helps you answer the questions like these:

  • What was the lift in brand awareness ads recall after advertising campaign run?
  • Which demographic segment better recalls to an advertising message (men or women, audience younger or older)?
  • Which creatives best drive brand awareness among the target audience?
  • What frequency of unique impressions maximizes brand interest?

Key Benefits of Brand Lift:

  • Estimate the influence of advertising campaigns on brand awareness and other available metrics it goes beyond clicks and impressions;
  • Provide advertisers with the most accurate information to drive advertising efficiency;
  • Optimize campaigns on the real-time basis to maximize brand impact.