Programmatic solution for luxury watches brand

Client: Luxury men’s watches manufacturer

Task: Brand campaign to promote the new luxury watches model line


1. Setting target options for a wide range of audience that could be interested in luxury watches, using the following configuration:

  • male users, aged 30+, high-income earners, decision-making positions at work
  • female users, aged 25+, visiting luxury events, clients of expensive boutiques, fashion houses, beauty salons – those who could be looking for a gift for a spouse or a partner

2. Contextual targeting to the websites:

  • dedicated to the news and business topics
  • containing information on products and services of premium segment
  • dedicated to premium class car reviews

3. Using social media advertising possibilities – Instagram ads in the news feed with the carousel gallery.

4. Utilizing retargeting for users who spent more than 2 minutes on the client’s site or viewed more than 3 product cards with watches.

5. Configuring frequency capping – displaying ads no more than 11 times for one unique user.


  • Target audience coverage amounted to 91,5%
  • Organic traffic volume increased by 192,3%
  • Brand inquiry volume increased by 3,17 times

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