Driving more sales and growing customer base with dynamic ads

Client: Online shop for smartphones and tablets

Task: Increasing sales by promoting special offer


1. Allocation of segments for the target audience:

  • Teenagers to young adults (aged 14-25), single, technology savvy, frequent users of mobile technology
  • Adults (aged 25-50), married, looking for a replacement of old devices
  • Users who recently purchased any mobile device

2. Creating a banner advertisement to draw client’s attention to special offers

3. Creating a dynamic retargeting campaign for website visitors who:

  • spent more than 2 minutes on the website
  • viewed more than 3 product cards
  • abandoned their shopping carts
  • made a purchase (with a special offer for complementary goods)

4. Setting ads frequency capping – 12 times for a unique user

5. Accounting for all types of conversions made (post-view, post-click)

  • An increase of 137,9% in retargeting site traffic
  • Online sales increased by 26,3%
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