Programmatic in Qatar

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October 14, 2020 / Author: Polina Schastnaya

Qatar has the fastest Internet speeds and the highest Internet penetration in the world, which certainly increases their digital media consumption. This brings huge opportunities for the entire digital advertising growth with the future expansion of programmatic buying.


Qatar has witnessed a notable change in media landscape. It had a very traditional market, but nowadays it is steadily moving to digital advertising. Since 2017 digital has become the main media category in Qatar. The digital medium continues to expand and amounts to more than 10% of the entire advertising spending. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Qatar has relatively low digital advertising share, it has promising perspectives for future growth and new investments.


Reach: 5.78 million cookies

Impressions: 1.62 billion


The global increase in mobile ad formats makes significant gains and Qatar is not an exception. Mobile has been an integral part of the content delivery strategy for the majority of Qatari media advertisers. It has already reached the European rate of mobile users and this trend is expected to show the substantial growth by 2025. Nowadays, mobile Internet penetration has amounted to 98%.

According to Date Reportal, 2020

Due to various demographics and social changes, video ad formats are an ideal medium to reach the Qatari consumer. The bulk of time spent on the Internet is used for watching videos with YouTube being the ultimate leader. According to the statistics, 80% of Internet users use mobile Internet for video streaming and 69% of them use it for music streaming. 

The trend towards expansion of mobile advertising is visible in Qatar, where it seems to be a key factor for social media users. Several years ago, ictQatar carried out a research and highlighted that more than half of social media users noted the importance of social media being mobile-friendly, and even nearly 20% of them stated that they would stop using the platform if it wasn’t mobile-friendly. Nowadays, Qatar is well positioned for the highest rates of social media use. In 2020, the Qatari social media penetration has reached 99%, which is the highest in the world. Moreover, almost nine out of 10 Internet users are actively using social networks. Facebook takes the lead and is the biggest social media platform in Qatar. It also shows the highest rate of the advertising reach at 96%, followed by Twitter (39%), Instagram (38%) and LinkedIn (35%).

According to Date Reportal, 2019


Top Websites Ranking,,,,,,,,,,

Top SSPs in Qatar:

  • SmartyAds
  • ContextAds
  • Appodeal


Qatari Internet users are highly ranked in the region for their ability to access content in English. Nearly 38% of them consume English-language content. Despite the fact that the number of Arabic-speaking media users has grown, Arabic content is still highly under-represented in terms of its share of the world’s websites.