Programmatic in Kenya

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April 20, 2022 / Author: Irina Rubanenko

Digital marketing in Kenya is going through a revolution today due to digitization of many businesses. Technology and Innovation is constantly changing the face of the market, the products and services as well as the behaviors of people.


According to Statista, ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is expected to reach US$70.70m in 2022. Moreover, forecasts demonstrate that advertisers will allocate 64% of their budgets towards mobile ad campaigns by 2026.

Programmatic buying in the Kenyan digital ad market is constantly increasing. It takes up nearly half of the digital advertising industry. Programmatic share is predicted to increase up to 74% in 2026.

According to Statista 


The number of Internet users in Kenya is growing rapidly. Kepios analysis indicates that internet users increased by 1.6 million (+7.4%). Nowadays, there are 23.35 million internet users in this region.

Popularity of social networks is also growing fast. According to DataReportal, Kenya has 11.75 million social media users in 2022. Currently, Facebook is driving the most traffic to websites in Kenya. People spend around hours on social media and the total hour spent has grown 3.05% in 2021.

According to DataReportal


Video Advertising formats take the lead in the Kenyan digital advertising market. In 2022 video ad spend has exceeded US$55m.

Also popular are such formats as banners, search ads, mobile and social media ads.


Top Websites Ranking


Top SSPs used in Kenya

  • Pubmatic
  • Rubiconproject
  • Indexexchange
  • Openx
  • Appnexus
  • Gumgum
  • Admanmedia
  • Smartadserver


Kenya has one of the most vibrant e-commerce ecosystems in Africa. According to Statista, revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$3,608m in 2022. During the COVID-19 lockdown period even more businesses have decided to open up online shops and expected is that e-commerce in Kenya will further accelerate and grow.

Also it is known that 24% of the Kenyan population have bought at least one product online in 2021.

According to Ecommercedb


Nowadays, Kenya has quite an active programmatic ads market. Over the past few years, programmatic has taken up a major role in the sphere of digital advertising, because it has proven importance for a lot of brands. Kenyan companies are devoting higher shares of their digital ad spend to programmatic technology than ever before.