How to get through the Holiday fuss? Recommendations

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December 9, 2021 / Author: Gaydova Christina

For the first time since Black Friday, it feels like we can exhale and take a rest, but not now because Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. Joy, happiness, kisses underneath the mistletoe, and, of course, chasing gifts have already become a tradition! This period is busy and stressful for people, both personally and professionally. But it’s high time you ask yourself, “Is my brand ready for it?” and start acting.


A common misconception is that consumers start searching and choosing gifts just before the holiday. According to statistics Sitecore survey, 58% of them have begun doing it since October, and there are a few simple and logical reasons: 

  • It’s an excellent opportunity to allocate costs in the best possible way between a few months and avoid plenty of confusing wastes of money;
  • Isn’t it the reason for Black Friday?!
  • In the epoch of COVID-19, nobody wants to spend time in overcrowded shopping malls, and shopping earlier gives consumers a chance not to do this. 


The New Years’ period is an excellent time to think about how you passed Black Friday: its ups and downs, what worked in the right way, and what went wrong. A timely and detailed sales analysis will help create an unstoppable win-win holiday strategy.   

Which factors should you pay attention to? The most popular and high-demand items, the products that were bought too quickly, how delivery worked and how quickly consumers got feedback from the brand.

That’s not all! At the same time, it’s an option to increase the loyalty of regulars and demonstrate confidence to new customers. 


No matter how many new ad formats and marketing hooks appear, personalized emailing influences consumers’ opinions about brands. By Statista, 4 billion people worldwide use email, which is still rising by 2–3% per year.

Personalization is a method to demonstrate the importance of consumers and affect the sale. Research shows that users pay more attention to the mailing format, and the cases with a personal message take the most significant part. The letter should be clear, short, and catchy. So, send personalized emails and allow the audience to discover your brand.


It could hardly be imagined that people doubt the effectiveness of social media in communication, the attraction of new consumers, and increasing Brand Awareness. Yearly research of Digital Global demonstrated that 53.6% of the worldwide population are active social media users, and 44.8% use it for brand research. The foundation is families and youth, and social networks are the most effective tool to interrupt. 

Video in TikTok, intriguing posts, interactive advertising in social media stimulate consumers to convert. The landscape and trends of the Internet are always dynamic, but the audience wants to stay on top of the news, so be sure your information about the brand is up-to-date. 


It’s not just about the mix of online and offline shopping. Consumers expand the number of channels while searching and buying. For example, 15-20 years ago, there was just a shopping mall or some grocery to purchase needs. And it was okay, but by 2016, there were already 6, and now it’s hard to count. 

Modern conversion is complicated and flighty. A potential consumer can first face product advertising on the subway, then on YouTube, then on social media. After these steps, the consumer starts to research it, and somewhere in the social media makes an order. Moreover, on every step, he uses different devices. 

The mission of the brand is to accompany consumers during the journey. That’s the main reason why not only physical shops but also landing an official account on social media make sense. 


In the world of high speed and multi-tasks, we need to remind modern consumers about brands because they literally can’t keep it all in their minds. Take geotargeting and engage customers nearby your shop or location as a tool. Or push notifications on the website or mobile app are highly effective during holiday time. 


The New Year and Christmas are magical times, so don’t forget to present gifts for your customers and increase levels of loyalty. Additional discounts, free delivery, special offers, and different bonuses will strengthen connections with the audience. 

One of the reasons to make purchases in a shopping mall is to enjoy the beautiful decorations. If you’ve already left a physical shop in the past, use technologies and decorate your websites with design and Christmas elements. 


The holiday season is not just about stress and overwork, but it is an excellent opportunity to create connections with customers and increase sales. And here are all the necessary tools. If you have questions or need help, contact us.