How brands become the most powerful Jedi with ad campaign for 2022 holiday season

October 28, 2022 / Author: Zhuk Elizaweta

The Summer holiday is gone so it’s time for brands to think about the biggest upcoming holiday season because the busiest time of the year for marketers is right around the corner. It certainly hasn’t been easy in recent years to predict what the coming holiday shopping season will look like. Shifting market conditions, trends, and customer needs and expectations continue to affect nearly every sector.

But don’t panic, NT prepares guides for brands that help in the preparation  for holiday season 2022. Let’s begin.

This is a new day, a new beginning. Keeping the impulsive buyers

As we say below, users use several channels for looking for ideas to purchase something worthwhile. Impulse buying is paving the way. Users browse, find inspiration and purchase concurrently across multiple channels and devices. Impulse purchases are items buying without any research or taking much time to think about the purchase.

Source: GWI

It can be different things, from clothes to electronic goods, that catches users attention in the right moment. And these spontaneous purchases are a good opportunity for brands to drive conversions.

Source: GWI

As shopping inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere, scale and speed are key points to reach these impulse buyers. Using different ad formats and channels with programmatic technology, brands can reach users at the right moment no matter where they are 24/7.

Stay on target. Use geotargeting to capture users attention

With users sipping their first pumpkin spice lattes of the season, faint jingle bells have already been heard as holiday season is coming on. The closer the holiday season, the more time limited the users. As well as many customers looking for ideas, customer reviews, gift lists to buy something in advance, some consumers will choose presents at the last moment. That’s why we can see that searches containing “near me”, “in stock” or “gift shop near me” have grown worldwide almost by 90% since November.

With geo targeting, brands can break through the endless holiday clutter to deliver ad messages to the target audiences at nearby brand stores at the right moment. Also, it can help grab users attention when they use their smartphones to search for gift inspiration on the go.

We shall double our efforts.The earlier the start of marketing activities, the better for brands

Don’t delay the start of holiday advertising campaigns: 50% of users start preparing for the holiday season as early as October and November. Starting in advance, brands get the opportunity to come up with and make something really worthwhile, and, importantly, “warm up” users for more expensive purchases that have a larger attribution window.

You can’t stop the change any more than you can stop the sun from setting, or consider changing in users shopping behavior

Knowing a brand’s target audience is a key point to achieve success. During the holiday season it is essential for brands to stand out from competitors and improve their strategies. Online shopping behavior changes every year, and in the 2022 holiday season customers won’t change their buying habits dramatically but they will look for value and be more strategic about what they’re shopping for.

One of the reasons is a confusing mix of economic signals: inflation, a high likelihood of crisis, and rising cost of living. These have all created uncertainty for many customers driving concerns about prices. It’s important for brands to know in which product categories users are more price-conscious to have the opportunity to suggest users relevant offers. According to GWI research, users are concerned the most about prices of food and groceries, transport, and clothes and shoes. 

Source: GWI

It doesn’t mean that consumers will stop  spending but they will give priority to brands that offer longevity and value for money. To grab users attention on this holiday season, brands can use remarketing and offer users a value benefits exchange on conversions. For example, personalized discounts for product category users are more price-conscious, free delivery and so on.

Be mindful of your thoughts Anakin. Don’t forget search ads

Almost every purchase starts from a moment of curiosity. So users turn to search engines to find ideas and inspiration for purchases. 43% of users use Google to search ideas for holiday gifts, and 64% of consumers look for inspiration in Google. Search ads can help brands capture holiday-themed user searches and increase revenue.

During the holiday period, users are often pressed for time and want to choose a gift quickly, so they make wish lists in advance. And 47% of users want help with their wish lists. With banner, video or native ads brands can help users find inspiration and increase conversion for themself.

There’s always bigger fish. So Video advertising is still on top

Being a growing tendency, popularity of videos among users gained more popularity in 2022 as well as last year. As customers look for ideas and inspiration, videos have all these points to drive users’ interest. Where text and a static image rely on bright design, clear information and call to action, videos use movement and sound to tell stories, describe products and catch users attention in an efficient way.

It isn’t necessary to create a video blog for brands, they can use in-stream or out-stream video advertising to tell their stories and activate their successful advertising strategies in holidays. Moreover, 67% of YouTube viewers bought some products and services from sponsored ads.

Someday you will be the most powerful Jedi ever. Conclusion

Holiday marketing can be tricky — brands are limited in time as well as customers, they have a lot of doubts, and the competition for users’ attention is incredibly high in this period. However, if brands attentively analyze their ad campaigns, track the target audience behavior and try to improve their ad activities constantly, there are chances to achieve success in this holiday season.

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