Dynamic retargeting for retailers

July 8, 2019 / Author: Victoria Motorina

The importance of digital advertising to the various marketing activities of different businesses is becoming increasingly significant. When you are in charge of a business you have to understand this but if you want to get the desired results you have to understand digital advertising, digital tools, and their uses. Digital advertising is the best way to take your business to the next level. When you put your products up for sale online, there are numerous ways to attract traffic to your goods.

Effects of digital marketing efforts on driving in-store engagement today

Previously, we discovered that when people are in search for a certain product, they either search their phonebook or visit the close stores. Since the advent of the internet and smart phones, consumers have changed their spending habits. A lot of people have become used to online shopping activities but there are still a lot of people who find the traditional form of shopping useful or even decide to choose online and then pick it up at a local store. Research has shown that almost half of daily store purchases are a result of digital activities with most of it happening on our smart phones.

Taking dynamic retargeting into account

Rather than wasting time going from one store to another at a local mall, customers are doing more online shopping and will then later decide whether to get the goods physically or not. This means the main aim of your digital advertising campaign should be the best way to attract potential customers and help them navigate their way to your store. Retargeting has been a very effective method for a long time now for different retailers to get the best out of their sales. However, if you are the seller of a lot of products, you have an inventory or pricing which is constantly in flux or you are interested in increasing sales generally, then dynamic retargeting is your best pick. You should know that not every visitor to your site will make a purchase. Certain visitors are there just to navigate through the products and will decide on purchases later. Dynamic retargeting provides you the chance to get across to different potential customers by placing ads on the web and mobile devices of customers to remind them of their preferred products.

The usefulness of Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic Ads are a very impressive way to increase your online sales and combining it with geotargeting and geofencing will produce even greater results for your store sales. The addition of dynamic retargeting to your business will provide the following features:

  1. Local availability

    An availability indicator on the ad will show people that certain products are available at nearby stores and the store locator will make it easy to locate the store.

  2. Different actions

    You can easily create different messages for their potential clients based on their previous activities on your website and the stage of sales funnel. A lot of people just need a better deal to attract them back to the store for purchase. Make sure you give them that offer.

  3. Similar products

    If similar products are available at the nearest store it will be available for viewing at the nearest store on their phone.

Dynamic retargeting is used to eliminate a lot of barriers faced by retail marketers in bridging the gap between online behavior and physical purchases. It creates a great opportunity for brands to demand certain actions using localization and measure its impact, while also creating a better experience for consumers specific to their personal interests and locations.