Partner program

Join our programmatic partner program on mutually beneficial basis and receive commission
for every client that comes on your recommendation.

What are the options?

Commission model

Its principle consists in generating lead - a prospective client - on your part. All the necessary communications are conducted directly by our account manager. In case of the decision made by the client to advertise through our own programmatic platform you as a partner receive a commission from sales.

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Partner interface

In this case, we create a new account in Trading Desk where you can apply your own logo and corporate identity. Thus, you get access to the programmatic platform interface as a means to sell programmatic ad placement on your behalf at a profitable price.

Why become a partner with us?

fair commission rates for a prospective

transparency of all the work process

work through our own programmatic
interface – Trading Desk

excellent customer service provided
by a personal account manager

cross-cutting analytics across
all the channels

integration with external sources
of information (CRM, Google Analytics…)

Contact us

To discuss all the work perspectives and get detailed information, please, contact us via